Saturday, November 22, 2014

National Family Caregiver's Month

President Obama proclaimed that November is National Family Caregiver's Month. The Caregiver Action Network promotes this month as a way to raise awareness of family caregiver issues and to celebrate the work of family caregivers. This year's theme is "Care Comes Home". This theme is based on the fact that most adults prefer to age at home. Many older adults can stay at home because they have help from family members. Four in ten adults in the United States are family caregivers.

Do you care for an elderly relative or friend? Do you need information to help you with your caregiving? Pasco County Public Library System has the following recently published books for caregivers: 

                            How  to Care for Aging Parents

                            Caregiver's Handbook

                         An Unintended Journey

                        Dr Ruth's Guide for Alzheimers

                         Life's Little Emergencies

                         No One Has to Die Alone

                     The Caregiving Wife's Handbook

                                  The Good Caregiver

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