Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Decide to Live a Healthier Life in 2012!

You can live a healthier life by eating more nutritious food, by making sure that you have enough Calcium, B12, and Vitamin D, and by starting an exercise program. If you need information to help you get started, the National Institutes of Health have a webpage called "Eating Well as You Get Older".  This website has recommendations for healthy food, eating well on a budget, and it also has videos on nutrition. You can access this information here

The National Institute on Aging has created a new website to help older adults to begin and continue an exercise program. This website, Go4Life, explains the benefits of exercise, recommends exercises, and helps you to set your goals. They recommend that you pick activities that you enjoy and that you make exercise a social activity, by having a friend or family member as an exercise buddy. You can access this information here.

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