Friday, May 14, 2010

New Search Engine for Older Adults

Sunmee Huh, a high school student has recently designed a user friendly search engine for older adults and people with low vision. This search engine is called Good50 and it has many useful features:
  • a large search box
  • on-screen zoom
  • fewer ads (only ads on the side, not the top of the page)
  • a high contrast version is available for people with low vision
  • safe search is on to prevent explicit content
This search engine also raises money for charities - it donates 5 cents to a charity for every 50 visits to the site. Previous charities include Meals on Wheels and the American Red Cross. Ms. Huh designed the website to help her grandfather search the internet. For more information about Good50 and Sunmee Huh, please click here for a Washington Post article about the website.

Here is a video introducing Good50 from Sunmee Huh:

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