Monday, January 25, 2010

Baby Boomer Census Bureau Report

The U.S. Census Bureau has published its first report on Baby Boomers in 13 years. This report used data from the 2006 American Community Survey and it describes characteristics of Baby Boomers in 2006. Here are some highlights from this report:

  • Baby Boomers were ages 42 to 60 in 2006.
  • 26.1% of the U.S. population was a Baby Boomer in 2006.
  • 65.6% of Baby Boomers were currently married.    
  • 17% of Baby Boomers were divorced.
  • 11.7% were never married.
  • 74.1% were employed.
  • The South had the highest number of Baby Boomers.
  • California was the state with the most Baby Boomers and Florida was number four.
  • Pasco County was the number five county in the entire U.S. in Baby Boomer growth rate from 2000 to 2006!
You can find more information by accessing the full report here.

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